Music Genres in the United Kingdom – Trends and History

Over the years, the UK's music has mostly reflected the trends in the United States, but they created their styles as well. During the 1950s, music in the UK mainly was Blues Rock and Jazz ballads, but in the 1970s, new trends began to pop-up influenced by the other side of the pond. Some artists even collaborated and created new styles. Music genres like Heavy Metal, Soul, Pop, and Progressive Rock appeared, and people lived. During the 1980s, new genres like Hip Hop and House flooded the music scene in the UK, and not long after that, the UK artists began to create their variations of these styles. Nowadays, some of the most popular styles in the UK are listed below:


Pop music was a dominant factor in the UK's music scene for years. Many boybands and girl bands like the Spice Girls, Take That, and One Direction. John Lenon created some of the best songs, including the hit “Imagine” (1971). Another classic song is Robson & Jerome's Unchained Melody. Thie music genre continues to grow even today.


Rock was made famous by the electrifying guitars, ear-pounding drums and raw vocals of a band's members. Newer styles came out like progressive rock, punk rock, heavy metal, blues rock, and pop-rock. Maybe the most iconic one was Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which is considered one of the best songs of all time.


UK's dance music scene evolved with the other styles of music popular in the country. DJs remixed popular songs, and they became famous. This style is mostly known for being “entertaining” and mostly listened to in clubs. Some of the popular chart-toppers were Wild Child's Renegade and Ruff Driverz's Don't stop.

RnB & Soul

UK's Soul and RnB style progressed mainly because of iconic female singers. You probably know some of them – Adele, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, and others. They each created their styles by mixing jazz sounds and creating styles like contemporary R&B, a recreation of retro jazz, and others. Their iconic voice inspired generations to come.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop music in the UK involved individual artists and bands as well. Some of the more famous rap bands were The Clash, Adam and the Ants, and Hijack. Some rap/hip hop singles were also recognized by the British awards, like Funky Friday, Pass Out, and Immigrants. Newer artists also combine hip hop with other styles to create songs that touch people’s hearts.

Final Conclusion

In addition to the styles, we described above, and other music genres have also been popular in the country like Reggae, Metal, Indie, Country, and EDM (Techno). Whatever style or genre, music will continue to evolve and mix up with other genres to create unique and innovative sounds. Whatever new trend pops up in the UK, we are sure that people would support it. Music is different, but it gives people something fundamental – peace of mind.