Most Popular Music Styles in 2020

Hip Hop

Hip Hop isn't only famous for the rapping style but also beatboxing, DJing, instrumentals, and turntablism. The style surfaced during the 1970s in New York City and grew very popular since then. Today hip hop is considered a culture with its fashion, distinctive slang, and social impact. There are controversial views on whether hip hop music and culture communicate a positive message to the fans, especially the children listening to it. The genre is famous worldwide, and it's grown into different sub-styles, like Trip-hop.


Techno is a type of electronic dance music that originated in the 1980s in Michigan, and it's widely considered a piece of instrumental music for DJ sets that is generally monotonous. The DJs work with synthesizers, drum machines, electronic instruments, and sequencers like they are working on a modern computer station. It's a combination of synthpop and house music, and its name originated in Germany.


Punk originated in the 1970s and was fast-paced and with rough singing voices and often a social or political message in the song. Many, if not all, artists produced their songs and used independent music labels to circulate them, and the genre spread around the world quite fast. To this day, people use punk elements in many other kinds of music genres, and even today, die-hard fans can't forget the classics.

Country Music

Country music is also known as western or hillbilly music that began in the 1920s in the Southern US. The songs of this genre are commonly accompanied by acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, or fiddlers, and the style grew the most during 1990 when it spread around the globe. Some well-known country artists from this decade are Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, and others.

Other Sub-Styles That Emerged and are Trending Now

There are many examples of sub-styles of music that emerged from another style. Some of these styles are also quite popular this year, and they are:

  • Alternative Rock
  • Indie Rock
  • House Music
  • Latin Music
  • Heavy Metal

Nowadays, people enjoy mixing different styles to create masterpieces born out of two different parents. Popular mixtures of music styles are country rap, dance-pop, pop-punk, dance-rock, indie pop, art rock, etc. Various artists have been experimenting with missing the genres of music in different ways. A famous example is a band Linkin Park who regularly mixed up rock and rap but also tried to add techno to the mix in the 2010s. An advantage of mixing genres is that people with different tastes can enjoy the same music; another positive quality is that many styles lost their originality, and artists began to sound the same. Mixing the song with something different gave artists the key to creating new and original content that appeals to much broader fan bases. With the help of the internet, any artist today can become a worldwide sensation in twenty-four hours, so if you are an artist. You have good original music, don't hesitate to promote yourself on the internet, and you never know what might happen.