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Our Favorite Lyrics and Songs About Gambling

Gambling is popular not only with sports and casino fans, but it’s also a popular topic in songwriting. In today’s article, we will cover our favorite songs and lyrics about gambling. We won’t stick to one music genre because it’s discriminative, and on this list, you can see how multiple genres can sing/rap about gambling,… Read More »

Music Genres in the United Kingdom – Trends and History

Over the years, the UK’s music has mostly reflected the trends in the United States, but they created their styles as well. During the 1950s, music in the UK mainly was Blues Rock and Jazz ballads, but in the 1970s, new trends began to pop-up influenced by the other side of the pond. Some artists… Read More »

Most Popular Music Styles in 2020

Hip Hop Hip Hop isn’t only famous for the rapping style but also beatboxing, DJing, instrumentals, and turntablism. The style surfaced during the 1970s in New York City and grew very popular since then. Today hip hop is considered a culture with its fashion, distinctive slang, and social impact. There are controversial views on whether… Read More »

Rock Bands that are Still Touring After Decades Together

We have all accepted that most bands break-up even before they reach their forties, but, on this list, we will talk about bands who are still touring after at least forty years together. The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones are one of the most famous bands in the world. They are together since 1962, and… Read More »

Lyrical Rap vs. Mumble Rap

In rap music, the controversy between the so-called “mumble” and “lyrical” rappers has been around for many years. Some explain mumble rap as a way for artists to stay relevant in the music scene that changes every day; others believe that mumble rappers lack the skills to promote a message. In this article, we will… Read More »

Is Alternative Rock Coming Back?

The term “Alternative Rock” was used to describe the bands that performed punk-rock style music and worked with independent labels, who didn’t fit into mainstream music genres that were popular at that time. The group of music that falls under Alternative Rock is many styles that were hyper-popular at one time or another. Sub-genres like… Read More »

Emeli Sandé – Music Life

Emeli Sandé is an R&B and soul UK singer with fabulous voice and talent. She started her music career as a featured artist, partnering with the rappers Chipmunk and Wiley. So far the singer has two albums in her career: Our Version of Events Emeli released her first single “Heaven” and then the second ”Daddy”,… Read More »

Adele – A Major Breakthrough

Adele entered the music business when she was 18 years old, right after her graduation. Only three years after that, she was recognized as the Best New Artist. Albums Adele named all of her records after her age: ‘’19’’ is her debut album, which was released in 2008 and gained a Platinum certificate in the… Read More »

Most Popular Music Genres in the UK

Between the 50s and the 70s, people in the UK still performed the traditional ballads in Jazz and Blues Rock. Then the music sound started to change as well as the genres by the experimental collaboration between different styles. This resulted in increased popularity of Pop, Progressive Rock, Soul, and heavy metal music. During and… Read More »

The top selling albums in the UK

Most of the best-selling albums are boy bands’ albums. However, some incredible female solo artists have taken their place near the top due to their soul and emotional music writing. Queen – Greatest Hits Queen’s album, with their best hits, ranks as the best-selling albums of all times and states to be twenty times platinum… Read More »